Starting a business? We’re at your side.

Do you have a business idea or would you like to become self-employed? Do you have questions about how to start and run a business successfully?

Undoubtedly, the following questions will be stuck on your mind:

How can I finance my business start-up?
Which legal form is right for me and what consequences will the choice of legal form entail?
How high will my expenses be and can I actually afford it? ?
Where and how will my bank support me? Do I need a business plan?
What does my market and competitive situation look like?

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Our range of services

Checking and preparing business plans, reviewing your business idea for business and tax feasibility and preparing a business concept together
Advice on the choice of legal form (including a ‘roadmap towards GmbH’)
Supporting your activity with business administration consulting
Assistance in financing matters and support in bank discussionsen
Preparing liquidity and earnings plans, as well as start-up concepts, investment plans, financing plans as well as profitability forecasts for the first years
Assumption of business start-up formalities (such as commercial and tax registration

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