Modern digital accounting with ‘Company Online’

‘Company Online’ by DATEV provides a pioneering, new instrument for modern and digital accounting. Access all your tax-related data – updated on a daily basis. No longer send your business records to the tax advisor by post, but digitally via fax or scan.

Once your documents are sent, your advisor in our consultancy will immediately receive an email and be informed about the new documents.This enables us to ensure the prompt checking and booking of your business records.

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Your benefits

No longer any need to spend time collecting, sorting and transporting business records
You save time as well as postage and printing costs
Search, find and view your business records with ease
Quicker analyses thanks to digital receipt exchange
You collect more rating points at your bank, as you can submit your documents and current analyses more quickly
The original business records remain with your company
The use of suitable process documentation would even render the retention of your business records completely obsolete.
View all business records, data and analyses in the electronic archive
Access your data anytime, anywhere
State-of-the-art data security with the storage of your business records and accounting data in the DATEV server centre