Company information according to article 5 of the German electronic information law (TMG).

Steuerberatung Buhl GmbH

Thomas Buhl, MBA
Tax advisor (Steuerberater)

Albrechtstraße 12
12167 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 792 90 51
Fax: +49 (0)30 797 02 188

Amtsgericht Potsdam: HRB 37204 PManaging director: Thomas Buhl, MBA

Responsible supervisory authority

Steuerberaterkammer BrandenburgTuchmacherstraße 48 B14482 Potsdam

Professional regulations

In Germany the professional status of tax advisors (Steuerberater) is subject primarily to the following professional regulations:

a) German tax advisor law (StBerG)

b) By-law to the German tax advisor law (DVStB)

c) Professional code of conduct of the federal tax adviser chamber of Germany (BOStB)

d) German compensation regulations for tax advisors (StBVV)

The regulations can be viewed one the website of the federal tax advisor chamber of Germany.

Professional liability insurance:

The professional liability insurance for financial losses which is prescribed by paragraph 67 of the German tax adviser law StBerG is covered by HDI Versicherung AG, HDI-Platz 1, 30659 Hanover, Germany.

Geographical scope of the insurance:

      1. Germany
      2. Europe, Turkey, Russian Federation and other states of the former Soviet Union as well as non-European sovereign territories of European states that are in the EU or the EEA: The insurance covers liability claims (1) which are claimed in the courts of these countries as well as (2) those which result from the violation or non-observance of the law of these countries.
      3. The insurance has worldwide coverage to the amount of the legally stipulated minimum coverage for liability claims resulting from the violation or non-observance of foreign law if these claims have their origin in business aid as it relates to tax matters pertaining to tax law and if the assignment was made on the basis of German law. In such cases the service obligation of the insurance is limited to four times the legally required minimum insurance amount. If the agreed contract coverage amount is lower than four times the legally required minimum insurance amount, the service obligation of the insuring party is limited to the agreed contract coverage amount.
      4. The insurance coverage does not take into account liability claims that arise from activities carried out through subsidiaries or branches or other information centres in foreign countries insofar as these are not included by special agreement.


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